Time tracker for teams that forget to report time

MrTickTock sends useful reminders to the ones who forget. Since then there are only two key strokes to enter time value.

Never miss time reports again!

Task A
Start work
Task B
Start work
Total 0:00

Want to know what your team works on ?

Make use of MrTickTock Scrum Standup feature. Ask your team members to add notes to every time report and track their activity on the Standup page.

Want to track project condition ?

Simply set estimated time for project or task and watch their health with MrTickTock. Legible progress bar and red overtime warning are there for your convenience.

Looking for a team member but he is off ?

MrTickTock time off tracking lets you know upfront when someone is going to to be off. This way you can ask questions in time and avoid many pressing situations.

Need detailed reports and colorful graphs ?

MrTickTock provides flexible reporting capability. However if you need something more then simply export data to Excel and do whatever you need.

Like simplicity and fast workflow ?

Effectiveness is important. MrTickTock keyboard shortcuts allow to go through the timesheet cells, add notes and report time without touching a mouse. It is all so simple.

Need security and protection by default ?

We care about security and things like data storage, backups, https, hashing passwords, sql injections, xss, xsrf and other. Our free account is fully protected as well.

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