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Alternatively you can reach us via email or direct phone call at +48 502743311.

We operate during US Eastern and European Central time zone business hours.

Our story

It all started when I (Jacek) together with few colleagues started remote contract for Atlassian (you know their JIRA, don't you?). We charged Atlassian for worked hours and therefore needed a decent and lightweight time tracker.

Actitime was our first choice but it quickly appeared that it lacked several useful things like daily reminders, vacation tracking, ability to close month and many more. As a result we were constantly facing missing time entries, time reported for a period we already billed Atlassian, etc. It was also not rare that someone was looking for a colleague who just started vacation but one missed that information.

That's how MrTickTock was born - we simply wanted to make our daily life simpler and create a tool that could solve the problems we had.

Finally we all can enjoy stable, useful and affordable service for teams and individuals who face the same issues and work in a similar way we do.



team member

Jacek Jaroczynski

Founder & Developer

Currently plays a role of product manager and provides support to MrTickTock customers.

team member

Bartosz Cytrowski

UI Designer and Developer

Created first mockups, layout and CSS magic. Wrote first lines of frontend and backend code.

team member

Jan Usarek

Software developer

Responsible for web application and API. Author of our Windows Sidebar Gadget.

team member

Marcin Waligórski

Software Developer

Author of Android mobile app. Worked actively on MrTickTock API.